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Christophe Compondu 06-04-2016 07:02 AM

Proble with Off schedule for an outpatient center

I am currently doing my master thesis on a simulation project into an outpatient pain center in Switzerland. I will soon take the time to describe and present this project in the dedicated part of this forum.

Have soon finished my model but I have a problem with the break and off schedule conditions of an outpatient activity.

Here is my problem :

My patient arrivals are based on an appointement table (I imported the historical data of our appointment system).

The regular hours of the pain center are from 08 :00 to 17 :00. How can I manage a patient who arrives at 16 :45 ?

(the patient track for this case is an 30 min activity with an MD and then a 2 min activity with the receptionnist beafore leaving (just for taking the next appointment).

I used the priority for the offschedule option (I put it on 99) but the problem is that it works for the activity with the MD but my patient can’t take his next appointment with the receptionnist because her schedule is now off at 17 :15… So the patient have to wait til the next day at 08 :00.

How can I manage this ? with the breakcondition ? or I need to change my patient track with condition.

A big thanks in advance !

(Btw, where can I find some explication about how to use Expression into flexsim)

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