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Cliff King 07-23-2015 11:39 AM

FlexSim HC 5.0.4 Release
It's always good to get the first minor release out after a major release of the software, because inevitably there are a number of bugs discovered in the first two months after a major release that need cleaned up. The HC 5.0.4 release that just went out this morning fixes a number of significant bugs, and includes several important improvements. I've included a list of changes below.

Thank you for simulating your healthcare systems with FlexSim HC 5. I very much appreciate all the feedback we've received over the last two months. You'll see that we've listened!

(p.s. there's no need to uninstall the previous version before installing this HC 5.0.4 version)

Version 5.0.4 (July 22, 2015)

New Features
  1. Added a warning message when trying to use staff on an ItemProcessing object with max content > 1
  2. New improved door shapes
  3. Fields in the Item Arrival table are now strings so you can use distributions or code
  4. Added areas to the Shift Schedule experiment variable
  5. Improved positioning in animations for staff and patients
  6. Changing the name of visual profiles updates their names in the PCI table and activity triggers
  7. The Edit Name and Edit Area fields can now be undone with Ctrl-Z
  8. The stream value of the P() command can now be specified by using the last odd parameter
  9. Added a help manual section about paths

Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed data collectors from old models not opening their properties window
  2. Fixed the color well in the Visuals panel of Quick Properties sometimes going gray
  3. Fixed new Alternate Groups not being added to the Patient Wait Times dashboard widget
  4. Fixed patients not going to locations after clearing object triggers
  5. Fixed areas being removed from shift schedules on opening a model
  6. Fixed sampler button on Shift Schedule not sampling areas correctly
  7. Fixed resource requirements not working correctly for Global Processes after the first activity
  8. Fixed choosing a custom sample set from the list adding a custom sample set above it
  9. Fixed Network Nodes not working correctly after being clicked twice in a row while adding paths
  10. Fixed dashboards not working after a Load State
  11. Fixed Track Import/Export not working right for binary files
  12. Fixed naming Network Nodes Paths
  13. Fixed the Change Patient Visuals trigger resetting the patient's animation
  14. Fixed staff being repositioned when a model was updated from 4.3.10
  15. Fixed Elevator not resizing on reset based off height of highest path
  16. Fixed issues with DWGs causing FlexSim to crash and take a long time to close
  17. Fixed the Dispatch Companions picklist so that it works for Escort and Transport Patient activities
  18. Fixed activity column headers not being written to output files
  19. Fixed dashboard widgets highlighting when double clicked
  20. Fixed the custom dropdown dashboard widget
  21. Fixed the user-defined chart dashboard widget forgetting its data collector when the dashboard was closed
  22. Fixed Milestone dashboard widgets not displaying data for some milestones
  23. Fixed Dot plots crashing after a large experiment run

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