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LINWEIXU 05-20-2010 11:55 PM

which is better way To deal with this problem?
if i want to change the length of item dynamically In a period of time.
the first way , i can senddelaymessage in a short time (for example 0.25s)to change the the length of item In that period of time.

the second way, i can use custom draw code to to change the length of item by simlation time

i think the second one is better,because message is event.but other people do not agree .
so i want to know which a higher efficiency for run speed

Jason Lightfoot 05-21-2010 03:20 AM

Without context this is hard to answer as there may be other things I'd worry about, for example if you're changing the length of an item as it travels down a conveyor . However generally I think I'd say the following:

You shouldn't really depend on the draw code for anything, since you may want to run with no views open for speed - and in this case the draw code will not be called. OnDraw would still be useful for watching something expand in size as a function of time with the view open. You can calculate the size as a simple linear function or even use kinematics to create a more complex progression over time.

You would normally create an event/message for the end of the expansion/contraction where you set the size, and use draw code to draw it smoothly between the start and finish event.

If the resizing is part of a process that can be interrupted (failure or preemption) then I'd consider using a BasicFR for the process since it can detect the stop and pause a kinematic or adjust your manual calculation.

Another option for objects, if the resizing is independant of any other events, is to use the new animator feature in version 5.

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